studio 3: community art studio and gallery


Kids Create Change has officially secured a location in downtown Evanston to open a community gallery and studio!

What is Studio 3?

Studio 3 is a brick & mortar community art studio and gallery for young artists, Black, Brown Indigenous artists, and artist activists.


What Does Studio 3 Do?

The mission of Studio 3 is to center the art and voices of young people, Black, Brown, Indigenous people of color, and individuals who utilize the arts as an expression, exploration, or act of social justice.  We will host:


1. Art workshops for kids and families that explore art-making and storytelling as community building and care.

2. Art-based professional development for adults who are raising, caring for, working with, or supporting kids and families.

3. Creative Community Conversations (C3) for resident and neighborhood groups, parent-teacher groups, local community groups, and local organizations and businesses that use the arts to facilitate dialogue that promotes anti-racism, anti-bias, equity and healing justice in our community.

4. Exhibitions that seek to elevate the work and amplify the voices of young artists, Black, Brown, Indigenous artists, and artists activists.

When Will Studio 3 Open?

Studio 3 is in need of some serious TLC but we are excited to transform it into our vision of an inclusive community art space!  We are currently raising funds to support our DIY efforts and the hiring of local artists and artisans to make it a reality. Our goal is to open in Spring 2021 if Covid restrictions have been lifted and it is safe to do so.

Why Studio 3?

We chose the name Studio 3 for our community arts space as an expression of our belief in the power of 'third spaces' in our community.  Third spaces are described by cultural and post-colonial theorist Homi K. Bhabha and sociologist Ray Oldenburg as communal spaces that are established outside of home, work, and school, and serve as anchors of community life that facilitate and foster creative interaction.  Third spaces are not governed by any one political, religious, cultural, or social agenda rather they foster the sharing and co-creation of new knowledge that is inclusive of the histories and experiences of all members of the community.  These spaces are vital to democracy and civic engagement, and allow for opportunities that amplify voices of people who lack social privilege and provide communities that are typically marginalized a sense of place. 

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We can't wait for you to visit!

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