Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world. 
Paulo Coelho
kids create change
Our organization centers the stories of young people, Black, Brown, Indigenous artists, and artists who are often marginalized or silenced due to their social identities including those who identify as non-binary, LGBTQ, neurodiverse, and artists with disabilities.  Our mission is equity and social justice through the arts, and is grounded in the power of visibility and representation as a force for shifting social consciousness towards a more empathetic and antiracist society.

Why Kids?

Kids Create Change utilizes art-based storytelling to promote social-emotional development, sociocultural awareness and social justice learning in young people.  Young people are increasingly at the forefront of social activism on a local and global level.  They are today's change makers and our hope for a better future.  It is vital that foundational social justice learning begin in early childhood and include opportunities that:

  1. foster imagination and creativity in order to be able to envision the possibilities of a just society

  2. cultivate caring, compassion and empathy 

  3. introduce concepts of equity and justice using vocabulary and curricula that meet developmental and social-emotional needs

  4. encourage critical thinking and explore self-advocacy and activism in its many different forms 


What We Value

We believe that storytelling through the arts is a powerful vehicle for fostering imagination, creativity and empathy which are essential tools for valuing our own identities, seeing things from multiple perspectives, and understanding experiences other than our own.  


What We Do

We create and facilitate programs that use multimedia, sensory-based storytelling to center identity, culture, community and care.  Our programs are available off-site in schools and community centers, as well as on-site at the Studio 3 Community Art Studio & Gallery located at 617C Grove St. in downtown Evanston.

Art in Action Program

ETHOS Program - Launching 2022 

How We Do It

We partner with schools, community groups, and organizations to develop creative, collaborative approaches to equity and social justice work.  In addition to our youth programming, this work includes art-based professional development and workshops with the educators, parents, guardians, mental health professionals, community and social service workers who support the social-emotional development, sociocultural awareness, and social justice learning of our young people.

Why Us

Our programs are developed and facilitated by socially-engaged artists, board-certified and registered art therapists, mental health counselors, educators and community activists.   We recognize that this work involves a holistic approach that can involve the social, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of our selves.  We focus on relationship building and meaningful connections to promote collective healing and care.  Our programming is developmentally informed, culturally relevant, inclusive of diverse backgrounds and abilities, equitable in access, sensitive to emotional and psychological concerns, grounded in antiracist and healing justice practices, and move beyond trauma informed care to healing centered engagement.  

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One way we strive to increase access and accessibility to all members of our community is to ensure that we offer free programming for anyone experiencing economic barriers.

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Kids Create Change is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is supported in part by the Cless Family Foundation, Northwestern University, and the Evanston Arts Council.

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The invisibility and underrepresentation of Black, Brown, Indigenous, non-binary, LGBTQ, disabled and neurodiverse people, and the lack of spaces that center their art and stories, impedes the learning and development of equity and social justice.  In an effort to address this and to model changemaking in our community for our young people, we strive to create spaces that center the art of individuals and groups that are intentionally othered and marginalized, amplify the voices that are often silenced, and uplift the stories that go unheard.  
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Studio 3 is a community art studio and gallery for and by Black, Brown, Indigenous artists and artist-activists.  We center the art and stories of communities that experience barriers to making and sharing their work. 

  • First Saturdays Open Studio
    Multiple Dates
    Sep 03, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Studio 3, 617C Grove St, Evanston, IL 60201, USA
    Join us for our monthly Open Studio every First Saturday of the Month 10am-12pm! Art making and creative collaboration for all ages!
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